Wednesday 20th March, 2019
Nevis Aypa Council
This is the motto of our organization and we are guided by four principles:
  • Work
  • Worship
  • Fellowship
  • Edification

The young people of A.Y.P.A. seek to uphold the moral and religious standards in our community.

Through Anglican Youth Ministries the Diocese of NECA offers many ways in which young people can connect with each other and their faith.

This includes anything from social events, sports, camps & youth worship services that will help you discover more about Jesus, develop leadership skills and much more. There is something for everyone here! We offer fun ways to nurture your relationship with God– plus you’ll get to meet new people and make friends along the way. We are a pretty friendly bunch…. so what are you waiting for?

Mission Statement

To empower youth and those who work with youth in the Diocese of NECA to connect with their faith, their communities and each other.

Core Principles:

  • Empowering
  • Enabling
  • Engaging – Bringing
  • Formation – Building
  • Connecting – Relationships


The Anglican Young People’s Association A.Y.P.A is a church oriented youth group which originates in the Anglican Churches throughout the Caribbean. The Diocese of NECA Branches found their origins in 1970’s. This was after the young people of the church saw the necessity for a youth organization where they could attend and interact with each other and still uphold their Christian values and further their spiritual commitment to Christ and the Church.

A.Y.P.A sets out to make young people firm in faith and ready to serve Our Lord and His Church. The Association’s particular way of doing this is by conentrating on the work of lay training and a set of AIMS.


  • To set before members a way of Christain living in which all their activities in the parish.
  • To provide a method for organising youth activities in the parish.
  • To establish fellowship with other parochial groups throughout the Anglican Communion.
  • To take part in the official youth work of the Anglican Church.
  • To take part in the mission of the church.


The general aims which is sum up the purpose of the Association, are achieved by encouraging members:-

  • To take their part in the worship of the church, and to study the Christian Faith.
  • To bear witness to their faith in their daily work, and to undertake service for the church and the community.
  • To develop within the fellowship of the church their particular gifts and capabilities.
  • To take the initiative in the running of their branch as a preparation; for Christain Leadership in all walks of life.


I am pleased to announced that Nevis AYPA Island Council was represented by Myself, Mr. Adonis Rivers and Mr Shaheem Farrel our New Public Relations Officer at this years Conference style camp on July 10th - 17th 2015. This was under the patronage of the St. Kitts AYPA Island Council in collaboration with the Diocesan AYPA Council and I must say it was amazing. The theme for that conference was "MAKING AN EXTRAORDINARY DIFFERENCE BEYOND THIS MOMENT THROUGH MOTIVATION" it was really an honor to meet up with old and New AYPA brethrens Can't wait to see what's in store for the Next Conference 2016. Once again Congrats Team St. Kitts AYPA Island Council. Good Luck for September 2015-July 2016

President:-          Mr. Gavin Williams
Vice President:-   Mr. Earl Wilson
Secretary:-          Ms. Ciaran Phillip
P. R. O:-       

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