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Dear Friends:

On January 6th, a weekday we began observing another season in our church’s year – Epiphany. This will continue until Lent begins – February 18th this year.

The Sundays after January 6 are titled "Sunday after the epiphany” and will extend until “the last Sunday after the Epiphany”. This can last for six to nine Sundays depending upon the date of Easter.

Two colors – white and green- are used during this season: white on Epiphany day, the Baptism of our Lord [epiphany 1] and Transfiguration [last Sunday after Epiphany] and green on the other days. White expresses light, glory, victory and celebration. Green is the colour for growth. During Epiphany we are to grow into a fuller realization of the nature of Christ as the Son of God; come to a deeper understanding of God’s glory revealed through Jesus.

Epiphany means ‘manifestation’. It is said that light manifests itself in the darkness as God reveals Himself in Jesus. His glory is seen through Jesus Christ. We learn of the manifestation, the fulfilment of an Old Testament prophesy [Isaiah 7:14, 11:1; Micah 5:2; Ps 72:10], through the story of the wise men who saw a star and followed it to the manger where Jesus the Christ, the Son of God was born a babe. They worshipped Him, gave Him gifts –gold, frankincense and myrrh-, and took steps of obedience to protect and defend Him.

During this season our readings will remind us how the child of God is God’s Son, ‘you are my beloved son’; they will remind us how He is the Christ, the Son of the living God. This should cause us to develop that recognition that we too can and should be sons and daughters of that living God if we truly follow Him. Our readings will remind us how in the past God, the Father was revealed to the Gentiles through actions of the wise men – obedience to God speaking through the star and angels- and Jesus, the Son. Jesus the Son humbled himself and came into the darkness of the world, shedding light, revealing God’s love through His ministry of good works and healing, showing no partiality, no favouritism, sacrificing self.

As the star led the wise men to Christ and as Christ revealed the Father to us so we must go forth and reveal Him to others. Let us spend these next five weeks developing a deeper understanding of the nature of Jesus, the Son of God and becoming even more equipped to manifest and reveal Christ bright light to others. Let us pray for the vision of the wise men, the strength and wisdom displayed by them and the Son Jesus so that we will be God’s bright lights in the dark world.

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