Wednesday 20th March, 2019

Support of Parents in the Church

Archdeacon Hodge if I tell you, please take my name off all the activities that I do in the church, what would you tell me?
Mrs. Dolphin, what you would have told me at the age 18 when I had finished with school and I told you that I done with coming to church or I stop participating in church activities that I was involved in?
Congregation: what would you tell your child or children, if they ever tell you that they stop coming to church or stop participating in church activities when they would have reached the age of 18 or finished with school?
I do not have to wait for an answer from Archdeacon Hodge or Mrs. Dolphin because I know they would encourage me to continue doing the work of God. Even though they are not my biological parents or regardless of my age.
However it seems to me nowadays when a child reaches the age 18 or has finished with school some parents stop encouraging their children from coming to church or stop participating in church activities. Some parents also go as far to tell church group leaders and Priests that their child say they done with church. WELL WELL WELL!
And would you believe that some of these parents still come to church regularly and  criticize children who are actually still participating in church activities or want to discipline them in church? While their child/children still stay at home.
In preparing this meditation I did a little research and I found four (4) supporting areas parents love to encourage when their child/children reach the age of 18.
• Encourage them to obtain their driver’s license. Which is good
• Encourage them to go to university. Very good
• Encourage them to find a good job. Wonderful
• Encourage them to register to vote and to support their political party that their support. Hmm
My brothers and sisters I have a secret to share and I hope you can keep a secret but if you have to share it please share only with your children. I am in my forties and would you believe that my mother and father still remind me that I have church on Sundays. Sometimes on Sunday mornings when I am in the kitchen and my mother realizes that it 7 ‘O” clock she will ask well boy you aint think it time to get ready for church. If my father sees me still in my bed after 7 on a Sunday morning he will ask well what happen this morning, no church? Or if I have to go out on Saturday night either one of them will say well you ain't going to church in the morning.
Brothers and sisters just imagine my parents are in their 70’s and I am old enough to make my own decision but my parents are still encouraging me to come to church on Sunday mornings. Far as I know they do not want to know my age they only want the best for me and that best is to continue coming to church and taking part in the church activities.
So my dear Anglican family please support the church by encouraging your children to come to church and to participate in the church activities regardless of their age. The church needs continuity and the church is depending on you the parents to bring up the children in the right way. “Children” Ephesians chapter 6:1 says obey your parents in the Lord for this is right.
Young people you see what is going on in the world today these senseless killing and other criminal behavior. Ecclesiastes chapter 12:1 says “Remember your creator in the days of your youth.”
Young people you are so privileged to be living in such a modern world when some parents are not showing tough love. I can tell you that, days gone by when young people chose not to go church and Sunday school, mothers or grandmothers would not cook any food and you dare not go into the kitchen looking for any food. And please don’t bother to ask them to go anywhere the answer would have been NO. Back then some parents didn’t care of your age they had believed that as long as you are under their roof you have to respect the rules of the house.
Sad to say the church only sees some young people only at their funeral when it is too late or at 1840 on Cayon Street after their being convicted.
Parents the church ask just like how you support your children at their dance recital, or any sporting events you can also support the church by encouraging your children to be involved in the church activities.
Before I close I want to thank those parent who still encourage their children to come to church and to continue support them in the activities of the church. For the parents who do not support or encourage their children I say to you please start to do it and if you are having problems come to the church family there will be a person willing to assist you.
Some may ask why Hollis don’t come down he has no children but I dare to remind all in spite my weakness or my involvement in non-church activities I still find the time to come to church and to assist in whatever way I can in the church, because I know I will get my fair share of benefits from my Lord.
Finally I want everyone to focus your attention on the altar. Parents and youth of the church The Server Guild is a ministry and Sunday after Sunday with part take in the Great Supper. And I am certain we love our Anglican Priests but the church cannot find enough servers to assist them on the altar. Parent please let your children join the Server Guild and for those youth who are servers let us encourage them to continue, because the benefits of the serving our God will be great.
I repeat. Congregation: What would you tell your child or children, if they ever tell you that they stop coming to church or stop participating in church activities when they would have reached the age of 18 or finished with school?
In conclusion it is vital that we adults, parents, guardians and godparents encourage our young people to get involve and stay involved in church life.  They are our future we must ensure that our children become well rounded and spiritually sound adults they will be the longevity of our church.                             

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