Thursday 18th April, 2019

My brothers and sisters in Christ,

 The concept of newness is not at all new to God and His Church.  We began a New Year in the life of the Church on Advent Sunday and we began the new calendar year of 2018 on Monday of this past week.  I pray that we would have used both opportunities to truly begin with our lives placed in the hands of God.  Our big brother in the faith, Paul, teaches us in 2 Corinthians 5:17 that if anyone is in Christ that person is a new creation; the old has passed and the new has come.  Family, it is so easy for us to see life as being repetitive as we go through the cycle of changing times and seasons but I want to encourage us to see in the cycles of life opportunities to do better and become better individuals to the honour and glory of our God.  I believe there are baby steps we can take towards improving our relationship more directly with our God.  When God sent Moses to liberate the Israelites the intention was for them to use their freedom to worship God. (Ex. 8:1)   If we can appreciate the freedom that we have in this part of the world to worship without threat to our lives; if we can recognize the beautiful opportunities afforded us in the cycles of life; and if our desire is indeed to honour and glorify our God, then it only stands to reason that our worship should be free.  This means that we would make the most of our opportunities and our desire to  please God will grow in a spiritually healthy manner rather than in a self-serving manner.  Allow me to offer a few reminders or tips about our worship so that we always keep God as the prime focus of why we are here:

  •   Always speak to God first when we come to His house of prayer. 
    Readers of the lessons should arrive at the lectern at the end of the Gloria (for the first reading) and at the last verse of the Psalm (for the second reading).  
    All physically abled persons should stand at the end of the Psalm for the Gloria Patri (Glory to the Father, and to the Son, etc).
    All physically abled persons should stand in preparation to meet Jesus in the proclamation of the gospel. 
  •  Collectors of the offering as well as persons assigned to bring the gifts of bread and wine to the altar should use the sharing of the peace as the opportunity to make their way to the back of the Church  for the start of the offertory hymn.
  • Feelings compliment knowledge: if you do not feel blessed at the end of worship, allow the knowledge of your faith to remind you that the opportunity and freedom to worship is a blessing in itself.  Not feeling blessed does not mean we are not blessed!  Do not forget, the devil is a liar.

In a similar vein, we can improve our relationships with each other.  Over the next five Sundays, starting Sunday 14th January, in an effort to enhance our fellowship within the parish I am asking us to wear name tags for the benefit of assisting us to improve our fellowship.  The name tags will be provided by our Ushers and other assistants who will distribute and assist in pinning on the tags.  The practice of seeing each other and worshipping with each other for months and even years and not knowing each other must now become a thing of the past.  Strong Christian fellowship requires that we become more understanding towards each other.  We can do this by doing what we have not done before.  Our first baby step is to at least make a conscious effort to know each other by name.  Let us willingly leave our comfort zones and truly allow our gracious God to lead us into deeper communion with Himself through each other.  This is a baby step that I believe will go a long way in reflecting the new creation we are in Christ.  Let us be team players and do our part to build up the fellowship of our beloved parish.

  A Spirit filled 2018 to you all!

Your Priest & Friend, Fr. Dwane Cassius.   

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