Thursday 18th April, 2019

Dear Parishioner,

 Parents and teachers have been preparing for the new school year while many teachers are already prepared for the year ahead with their students. The education Department has already given book assignments and those books are being scoured for just the right ones that will engage the students’ minds for this academic year.  The Book Stores are to be commended for ordering the supplies.

As parents, some of you may be wondering, “How will my child do this academic year? “ “Will my child or children be accepted by the children and by their teachers in class?” And also equally important is the opposite question parents would likely ask, “Will my child or children like their teachers?”” Truly parents know that the relationship between their children and their teacher is key to their children’s’ academic success and so cannot leave this relationship to chance or take it for granted that good intentions will make it work.   It is a known fact that there is nothing more significant than this relationship for a child’s learning and growth. Children flourish when parents and the school staff work together.  Parents should therefore take Parents and Teachers Meetings seriously and attend all of them.

Who is responsible to help get this important relationship off to a good start?” The initiative actually begins between the adults. Quite often some parents instruct their children to “Listen to their teachers.” Or, they may say “we want you to be good for your teachers.”  However, if we understand the nature of the attachment dynamic, it is up to the adults to ensure that their children take a liking to their teacher. To do this best is to speak positively about the teachers thus letting their children know that we believe that the teachers are on “their team.”

Just as the children should have been going through their text books, thus getting a head start, so the relationship between parents and teachers should have already began already.  If this were not done, I encourage teacher both sides to find ways to communicate with each other right at this beginning, and I do say the same to students as well. It should be done at this time through a quick phone-call that would serve as an introduction about themselves.  Child or children should know that such a  connection has begun.

In the case of a child, who has had difficulty adjusting to the school setting or other issues, I urge that frequent meetings be kept so that parents, staff and child can get to know each other. I do believe that most teachers will appreciate it when parents share with them an understanding of their child’s needs. 
It serves helpful if the student and teacher can start their meeting right after the hustle and bustle of the first days of school in order to get working on the way forward to a healthy relationship.   Someone said, “In our busy world, it is a definite challenge for parents and teachers to develop this necessary other.” But short periods of one-on-one time can go a long way, both in terms of building a relationship and also for helping a student to really learn basic classroom routines.

I wish to recommend that henceforth there be “Open House Events” when everyone begins to build relationships. This exercise includes parents as well.  This allows the parents get the teacher expectations; here they can sense that adjustments need to be made for their child and not hesitate to contact the school to set up a meeting.

Parents and Teachers take a moment to think of each child as an individual, with his or her unique needs, who is growing and developing and who needs caring and someone to work with him or her to create the conditions that promote this growth.

To all I wish a wonderful, had working, productive and blessed academic year.

Archdeacon The Venerable Dr. Alson Percival

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