Thursday 18th April, 2019

Borthers and Sisters,

 In the month of May the island of St. Kitts will undertake activities  in an effort to commemorate the 175th Anniversary of our diocese.  Our diocese is made up of 12 islands and our Bishop has asked that each island be designated a month in which to put on activities in recognition of 175 years of ministry as a diocese.  Celebrations began on 24th August 2016 and will culminate on 27th August  2017.   During the month of May we are still in Eastertide  and so the activities being planned  will provide even more opportunities for us as a Church to celebrate ‘The Resurrection of our Lord.’  The activities that have been approved by the Regional Council are:

 Saturday 6th May - Fun Sports for the youth; all are invited to St. Pauls  from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  Other details will be forthcoming shortly.

 Saturday 20th May - The Anglican Evangelistic Caravan will move around the island  stopping  in all the parishes for a brief moment.  Timing and other details will be shared shortly.

 Sunday 21st  May - Concert to be held in St. Peter’s parish.  Other details forthcoming shortly.

 Friday 26th May - Lecture by Rev’d Professor Kortright Davis; other details forthcoming shortly.  This will take place in St. Mary’s parish.

 Sunday 28th May - Closing service at the St. George’s Anglican Church.  Other details forthcoming shortly.

Please also note that T-Shirts will be printed  and sold.  These shirts are to be worn at the various activities except the closing service.   As we celebrate 175 years of our diocese's history let us be mindful that we are in fact celebrating the witness that has been offered in the name of and to the glory of the risen Christ.  I pray that this celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection will be one that enables us to truly grow in confidence and into deeper communion with our God.

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Priest's Warden: Mrs. Lyn Bass 662 5816
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