Thursday 18th April, 2019

My Dear Parishioners,

This week we  print the Press Release issued by the SKCC and SKEA last week captioned:  “CHURCH BODIES CONDEMN CRIME AND  VIOLENCE AND CALL FOR A DIALOGUE” : 

Over the past years, the Church has made its position clear  on crime and violence in our community. As a Church, we have in the past and will continue to condemn acts of violence.  Our families, our communities are torn by crime and violence,  and as the  Body of Christ, we have an obligation to respond .  Violence in our homes, our schools and streets, and our nation is destroying the lives, dignity and hopes of our people. Fear of violence is paralyzing our communities. Hostility, hatred, despair and indifference at the heart of a growing culture of violence.

We call for serious and sustained efforts to curb violence in our communities. We have lost far too many of our young  men to gun violence. The Church  has responded with a National Season of Prayer and Repentance. Gun violence has become so routine that many have become numb to these reports. This is sad and a very dangerous place to be. The reality  is that these tragic occurrences demand the collective response of all persons working together.
As a Church, we are praying for “a country where peace abounds” where all of God’s children thrive and live abundant lives, free from violence and hatred. We are therefore calling on all citizens to work together to remove this evil from among us. We believe that it is time for a new national dialogue on crime and violence. The new dialogue must embrace all people to find solutions and not to cast blame. We must all act now as individuals, as families, as communities and as a nation to engage fervently in our won conversations and to kneel in prayer and stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters. There is need to revisit strategies, plans, policies and programmes, as we are yet to realize any meaningful change in our crime realities.

New approaches to fighting crime and restoring peace in our nation must move beyond the slogans of the moment , the rhetoric, the divisiveness and the excuses of the past. We join our voices in pledging to work for healing and reconciliation. The SKCC and the SKEA stand together in our families, communities and nation. We will continue to build bridges and to confront violence in all its forms with a commitment to life , to vision to hope and a call to action.

As we seek God during this season of prayer, fasting and reconciliation, let us strive to restore a sense of brotherhood, civility and responsibility to everyday life and promote crime 

prevention. May we as a people be blessed with courage, endurance, and the assurance of
 God’s continuing love and care, as we see our nation through this crisis.”

This Press Release was approved by the Vice Chair of the  St. Kitts Christian Council and the President of the St. Kitts Evangelical Association, and sent to the print and electronic media in the Federation.

Every blessing upon you and yours!                               Archdeacon Emeritus

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