Thursday 18th April, 2019

Sad man

Don't be afraid of failure. This seems like an automatic reaction. When Adam sinned, he tried to hide from God. When Peter denied Christ, he was afraid to face Him. When Jonah refused to preach at Nineveh, his fear drove him to the sea, to flee the presence of the Lord. But God has shown us this truth that has helped us many times: something much worse than failure is the fear that goes with it. Adam, Jonah and Peter ran away from God, not because they lost their love for Him, but because they were afraid He was too angry with them to understand. Satan uses such fear to make people think there is no use trying. That old accuser/adversary waits like a vulture for us to fail in some way. Then he uses every lie in hell to make us give up, to convince us that God is too holy or we are too sinful to come back. Or he makes us afraid we are not perfect enough or that we will never rise above our failure.

It took forty years to get the fear out of Moses and to make him usable in God’s program. Meanwhile God’s plan of deliverance was apparently delayed for nearly half of a century while one man learned to face his failure. If Moses , David or Jacob had resigned himself to failure, we might never have heard of these men. Yet Moses rose up again to become one of God’s greatest heroes. Jacob faced his sins, was reunited with the brother he had cheat- ed, and reached new heights of victory. David ran into the house of the Lord , laid hold of the horns of the altar, found forgiveness and peace, and returned to his finest hour. Jonah retraced his steps, did what he had refused at first to do, and brought a whole city to repent- ance and deliverance. Peter rose out of the ashes of denial to lead a church to Pentecost.

Despite failure, keep moving on. It is always after failure a person does his/her best work for God. Most if not all of us can look back at a time of failure, or when we felt like giving up. But we didn't, or else we would have missed out on many blessings if we had given up in that dark hour. How happy we are today that God has taught us to face our failures and go on to His next step for us. There is a story of two outstanding men of God who had fall- en into the sin that David committed with Bathsheba. One minister decided he could not go on. Today he drinks and curses the Christ he once preached about. The other man repented and started all over. He now leads an international missions program which reaches thousands for God. His failure has been left behind. He keeps moving forward with Christ. It is said that the majority of drug addicts who return to their old habits become stronger than all the others when they face their failures and return to God. They have a special awareness of the power of Satan, a total rejection of confidence in the flesh.

Despise failure, continue to worship. There was only one way for Moses to stay in victo- ry, because he had a disposition like so many of us today. He continually communed with the Lord, “…face to face, as a man speaks unto his friend…”(Ex.33:11). Moses maintained that close relationship with God. The secret of holiness is very simple: Stay close to Jesus! Keep looking into His face, until you become like the image you behold. Is there trouble in your home? Are you tormented in mind or spirit? Has God told you to do something you have failed to do? Are you haunted my memories of what you were at one time or by vi- sions of what you can be? Then worship the Lord in the midst of your failure. Praise Him! Exalt Him! The hardest part of faith is the last half hour. Keep going, and you will yet face your finest hour.

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