Thursday 18th April, 2019

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My Dear Parishioners,

You will recall that Sunday, 19th October, 2014 was observed by our Anglican Churches throughout the Caribbean as Provincial Wellness Sunday. Also on the regional scene, we observe on the second Saturday in September every year, Caribbean Wellness Day. The observance of Provincial Wellness Sunday is an initiative coming out of the 37th Tri- ennial Provincial Synod in Jamaica under the theme: “The Quality of Life—Challenges and Response.”

We were asked to remind the faithful to seek to engage in taking good care of their health especially as it relates to non-communicable diseases (NCDs). In this regard, every effort must be made to ensure that healthy life-styles are encouraged. Practising a healthy life- style will aid in the prevention of some of the diseases and ailments which affect us, some- times later in life.

It is praise-worthy that we have as reminders Wellness Day and Wellness Sunday being observed in our Caribbean Region. This means that there can be no shortage of information and awareness as to how we ought to live to maintain healthy lives. Our healing will come also both to body and soul when we live according to the laws of God and according to the teachings of his Church. In this way, we will ensure that the whole man receives adequate attention.

It is instructive to note also that Provincial Wellness Sunday fell this year, one day after the observance of the Feast of St. Luke the Physician (October 18). This is one further rea- son why we were asked to remember all health care workers and providers, and all person- nel in our health system: our doctors, nurses and their assistants, orderlies, social workers and other health care professionals. In fact we ought to bring these persons into our prayer- life all the time, because good health and its maintenance is an on-going concern. In more recent weeks/months we have seen the rapid prevalence of the infection from the chikungunya virus across the Caribbean. We are being encouraged to ensure that no breeding places for mosquitoes exist in or near our homes. That is a sure means of preven- tion.

We are asked to pray more fervently for the on-going efforts to stem the spread of the ebola virus also, as this presents a real and present danger to humanity - human beings all over the world - and particularly if it should enter our Caribbean reality. Let us encourage the faithful practice of healthy habits and life-styles in our homes and families.

A Prayer for Wellness

Lord, today we offer you our mind; may we seek the mind of Christ in all things freed from anxiety and fear, filled with wholeness and wellness;

Today we offer you our spirit for in you we have been born again; Your Spirit dwells deep- ly within us; Our Spirit is alive in you freed from depressive thoughts and critical thinking. Today, we offer you our bodies to be temples dedicated to You O Lord; A place for you to live and reign; May we be mindful of what we eat and drink and be watchful of our sleep and rest.

Lord, we offer you our whole being as we present our mind, spirit and body to you. Come and take us as a living sacrifice this day and everyday and may we ever glorify and worship you, through Jesus Christ our Lord .


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