Wednesday 20th March, 2019

175th Anniversary  Celebration in the Diocese: Our Diocesan 175th Anniversary Celebrations, under the theme “Celebrating our heritage - redeeming the times – embracing the future” is been celebrated from August 2016 to August, 2017 and will climax in Antigua during the hosting the 50th Session of the Synod of the Diocese. Thanksgiving envelopes will be distributed and each Anglican is asked to donate EC$175.00 towards the mission and ministry of the Church -  save $1.00  every  two days! It is envisaged that during the year we will be visited by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of the West Indies.


Contact Information


Parish Priest Rev. Wilfred A. Daniel

P.O. Box 539

St. Paul's Parish



Vestry Members:-

Priest Warden:- Miss Paula Herbert

People's Warden:- Mrs. Mavis Matthew

Secretary:- Miss. Sandra Swanston

Treasurer:- Miss. Lyda Lake

Lay Rep to Synod:- Mr. Theodore Phipps/Miss. Ester Norford

Youth Rep For Synod:- Miss. Jennifer James/Miss. Francilla Liburd


Miss.Sylvannie BLake

Miss. Margaret Stevens

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