Wednesday 20th March, 2019

 175th Anniversary  Celebration in the Diocese: Our Diocesan 175th Anniversary Celebrations, under the theme “Celebrating our heritage - redeeming the times – embracing the future” is been celebrated from August 2016 to August, 2017 and will climax in Antigua during the hosting the 50th Session of the Synod of the Diocese. Thanksgiving envelopes will be distributed and each Anglican is asked to donate EC$175.00 towards the mission and ministry of the Church -  save $1.00  every  two days! It is envisaged that during the year we will be visited by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of the West Indies.             

JUNIOR CONFIRMATION CLASS: All children, who have completed one year in the Sunday School conformation class are asked to note that the final stage of their preparation for Holy Conformation will continue on Thursdays beginning on this Thursday February 25th at 5:00pm at the Parish Church.

ADULT CONFIRMATION PREPARTION: All persons 17 years and over who are not confirm are invited to speak with the Parish Priest so that arrangement can be make for their preparation for Holy Confirmation.

AN OPPORTUNITY TO KEEP FIT WHILE YOU LEARN A NEW DANCE SKILL: Under the auspices of the of the Voices of Praise Gospel Choir Parishioners, friends, well-wishers and all interested persons are invited to exercise classes in the form of Quadrille Dance Training on SATURDAY MORNINGS 7:00-8:00AM AT THE PARISH HALL. There are no admission/tutoring fees. All are simply invited to come along on Saturday mornings and be part of this creative Saturday morning exercise class where we learn to dance Quadrille while we keep fit and healthy. See you there SATURDAYS 7:00-8:00AM.

The Voices of Praise Gospel Choir began their music ministry in this Parish in February of 2010.  They were affirmed for their ministry on the Last Sunday after the Epiphany, February 14, 2010. This year the date of their anniversary comes in the heart of the Lenten season. Since that is not an appropriate time for celebration as the worldwide Anglican Communion, in fact the entire Christian Church  globally is at this time in a period of deep penitence as we acknowledge our sins, repent and seek God’s forgiveness so we can draw closer to him and each other. This we are doing in preparation for our celebration of the glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.  

On account of the foregoing the Voices of Praise Gospel Choir will be celebrating their anniversary with a grand FAMILY LIFE ACTIVITY DUBBED DADS, MOMS AND CHILDREN: BRIDGING THE GAP. KEEP WATCHING THIS SPACE FOR THE DATE AND TIME OF THIS GRAND FAMILY AFFAIR.

 All Parishioners, supporters, friends and well-wishers are cordially invited to the


I ask that everyone support this very worthwhile venture. Tickets are now on sale from the Parish Treasurer/Assistant.


Leaders of Other Ministries and Organizations

Head Sanctuary Server .................Mr. Elleston Stanley
Sunday School Co-ordinator .......Mrs. Eleanor Phillip
Chief Usher ....................................Mrs. Judy Tyrell
President A.Y.P.A .........................Mr. Ciaran Phillip
President A.C.W.A. .......................Ms. Jolin Toshi Davis
Mothers’ Union Leader  ................Mrs. Judy Tyrell
President Brotherhood of St. Andrew:     Mr. Julian Morton


YOUTH SUNDAYS IN ST. PETER’S: All Parishioners are reminded that on Youth Sundays, (first Sundays) we will sing from Mission Praise Hymnal. This would help us to bring a more youthful flair into the youth Sunday services.  All Parishioners are therefore asked to bring their Mission Praise Hymnals to worship on first Sundays in the month.

LARGE PRINT and regular NRSV BIBLES ARE AVAILABLE: We are very pleased to inform all Parishioners and other interested persons that we have LARGE PRINT COPIES OF THE NRSV BIBLES in stock.  They cost EC$150.00.  We also have in stock the regular NRSV Bibles. They cost EC$85.00 each. If you wish to purchase a copy please check at the Parish’s Office. We also wish to let everyone know that we currently have in stock: Books of Common Prayer (BCP) at EC$35.00 and CPWI Hymnals at $45.00.

NEW LECTIONARY FROM ADVENT SUNDAY 2015 TO THE REIGN OF CHRIST 2016:  The new Parish Lectionary is now available. It contains all the Sunday Readings from the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL), the Readings for Major and Lesser Feast Days As well as the Weekday Readings. Parishioners may purchase copies at EC$10.00 from the Parish Office/Treasurer.  This is our first attempt at producing a lectionary and we expect that future productions would be much improved.

All Parishioners and regular worshipper who would like to  offer systematic and regular financial support to the work of God as carried out through the St. Peter’s Anglican Church are reminded that they can fulfil this desire by getting on the Parish’s Financial Stewardship Register. 

Those who are on the Parish’s Financial Stewardship Register  at the end of each calendar year are given a box of “Stewardship Envelopes”. The box contains weekly envelopes for each Sunday of the upcoming year and for special “Feast Days” such as Easter and Whitsunday.  Each box is numbered and registered in the Parish records in the name of the person who has it.  In this way each person’s contributions to the Parish’s Mission and Ministry is recorded on a weekly basis.

On one Sunday during the month of December every year there is a full explanation giving details of how many envelopes are in each box; the number of weekly ones as well as how many and the specific purposes for all the special ‘Feast Days” envelopes. I take this opportunity to encourage those worshippers who are not yet on the Parish’s Financial Stewardship Register to speak with any of the Clergy and get registered so that he/she can be regular, planned and systematic in giving to the work of God that is being carried on through this St. Peter’s Anglican Church. 

Thanks as we look forward to your support in this matter.


We are now undertaking plans to mobilized the entire Parish for discussions and finalization for our next 5 year Development Plan: toward VISION 2020. We are looking for the next 5 years in our Parish to be dedicated to a period steeped down in the 3R’s: RENEWAL, RESTORATION and RECONSECRATION.

It is being planned as a time when every Parishioner would be invited to deeply explore her/his gifting and calling  and be RENEWED for RESTORATION to that deep and extremely intimate relationship that was experienced between God, human being and the entire creation at the beginning of the world. This would pave the way for RECONSECRATION to service for God and His Kingdom. It is about empowering the whole people of God to minister to God through our active engagement with each other and in Christ’s mission and ministry to the world.

In this connection, I am asking that every Parishioners offer prayers and get involve in meditation as we seek God’s guidance and direction towards VISION 2020. We ask for the prayers of all Parishioners as we think in terms of our next Parochial Development and Renewal Program. I ask for the prayers and reflection of all concerned as we plan towards VISION 2020: ST. PETER’S NEXT DEVELOPMENT PLAN— 2016-2020. Let us be dedicated to the 3R’S: RENEWAL, RESTORATION and RECONSECRATION        


WEEKLY OFFERING ENVELOPES: There are (50) Fifty envelopes, one for every Sunday of the year except Easter Sunday on March 27 and Whit Sunday/Day of Pentecost on May 15. The reason there are no weekly envelopes for Easter Sunday and Whit Sunday is that the Diocese has set aside these Feast Day for special appreciation Offering for the Parish clergy.

MONTHLY OFFERING ENVELOPES: Each box has in twelve (12) monthly envelopes. There is one with the date of every first Sunday in the month.  Parishioners with monthly envelopes are advised that you can bring them in on the Sunday closest to your pay date.

SPECIAL ENVELOPPES: These are common to all boxes, whether weekly or monthly. Each box has a total of twenty (20) special envelopes as follows:

The Fourth Sunday Walk-Up-Offering towards Parochial Facilities Preventative Maintenance Fund (Walk-Up Offering) envelopes amount to eleven (11).  One dated each fourth Sunday of the month except Sunday March 27, Easter Sunday. The Constitution and Regulations of the Diocese of NECA has set aside this Feast Day for special collection to be taken up in all our churches as an appreciation offering for their Clergy.

2. Ministers’ Appreciation Sundays - two (2) Easter Sunday – March 27 and Pentecost/Whit Sunday May 15. 

3. Special Feast Days – two (2) – July 03 – St. Peter’s Day Patronal Festival Offering and November 19/20 – Harvest Festival Offering

4. Fifth Sundays – Publication Offering, three (3): May 29, July 31 and October 29/30. These allow us to offer all Diocesan publications – almanacs & Angelus to every Parishioner without charge at the point of delivery.

5. This is a new Category of Special Envelopes with two envelopes: Lenten Sacrificial offerings: Ash Wednesday February 10 and Good Friday – March 24.

The total number of envelopes in the monthly boxes is thirty-one (31).  The total number of envelopes in the weekly boxes is seventy (70).  We make a special appeal for all Parishioners to try and return all the envelopes during next year. We expect that in 2016, a new online Diocesan wide computerised system called MyAnglican.Org. is to come on stream. It would allow each member to be able to keep an online record of her/his recorded offerings to the Parish.





Contact Information


Parish Priest: Rev. Canon Isaiah Phillip

Assistant (Deacon):- Rev. Joseph Edmeade
Telephone: 1-869-465-2774

Mobile: 1-869-663-3661
Fax: 1-869-466-2774


Vestry Members

Priest's Warden:- Mr. Cuthbert Woods

People's Warden: Mrs. Bernadette Tuckett

Secretary to the Vestry: Ms. Eleanor Joseph

Asst. Secretary:- Ms. Antoinette Bass

Treasurer:- Ms. Marsha Harris

Assistant Treasurer:- Ms. Julita Lawrence

Lay Rep to Synod:- Ms Kishma Mac Lean  Alternate Ms. Eleanor Joseph

Youth Rep to Synod:- Ms. Antoinette Bass

Caril Archibald, Dillon Edmeade

Parish's Music Director:- Lady Hulda Lawrence

Youth/Gospel Choir Organist:- Mr. Frank Claxton

Verger:- Mr. Delbert Samuel

Specialized Ministries:- Rev. MS. Delores Gumbs

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