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My family in Christ,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; as we, on this the first Sunday after the Epiphany, remember and celebrate the baptism of Jesus, it is a good time for each one of us to remind him/herself that through baptism God has adopted us as members of His Family, the Church. Our VISION 2020: Parochial Plan of Action for 2016-20 is designed to help each baptised Parishioner renew her/his commitment to Christ and the Church. This is to enable each baptized person to live out her/his life as a child of God.

The VISION 2020: Parochial Plan of Action for 2016-20 sets out to build on what transpired at the 49th session of Diocesan Synod, which as you know, convened here in St. Kitts at the Marriott Hotel from September 27-October 01, last year. Do you remember what the theme for that Synod was? Let me refresh our memories – the theme for the 49th session of Synod was: WE ARE STEWARD OF GOD’S CREATION.

In addressing the theme our Diocesan Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Leroy Errol Brooks presented the position that “Stewardship, rightly understood, is a response to God’s love as revealed in Jesus. Stewardship is a way of life” (Synod Bible Study booklet, 2015, pg., 2). Bishop Brooks further went on to declare that the whole of our lives is about Stewardship. He challenged the Church throughout the Diocese to live as Stewards of God’s creation. This calls for each Anglican to so order and organise her/his life that we are daily driven to operate around four interlocking principles/concepts:

  • God is the Source of everything – who we are, what we have and what we can do.
  • Gratitude – we must be gracious for all that we are blessed with
  • Accountability – we are accountable to God for all He bestows on us.
  • Return – we are obliged, it is required of us that we give back to God and his world some of what he has blessed us with.

Each day of the Synod week we began with a Bible Study on one aspect of the theme of Stewardship. We were challenged to recognise that we are all called to take care of our lives and God’s world on behalf of our God, who alone is the rightful owner of everything. There is therefore the necessity for us to be:

  • Stewardship of Life and Health: this includes looking after our total selves – our Body, Mind & our Spiritual side
  • Stewardship of Relationships & the Gospel: this touches on our lives in three areas of operation: - in the home, the work place and in the church.
  • Stewardship of our Material Resources: this is about the way we manage our money, property and our surroundings (the environment).

The synod presented an action plan for us to educate and train all Anglicans to live as Christian Stewards. Our Parish’s VISION 2020: Parochial Plan of Action for 2016-20 is our concrete response to the call and challenge of the 49th session of Diocesan Synod. We invested quite a sizable amount of financial and other resources into 2015 Diocesan Synod. This action plan is our attempt to ensure that the resource investment that we made in the 49th session of Diocesan Synod benefits each and every Parishioner. So my family in Christ, I plead for your partnership and commitment in the organization, co-ordination and implementation of this plan of action. We are using the 3R’S: RENEWAL, RESTORATION and RECONSECRATION as the focal themes around which we are seeking to draw everyone into a deepened faith in God and commitment to be part of his mission and ministry in the world. Get involve and be RENEWED RESTORED and RECONSECRATED.


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Parish Priest: Rev. Canon Isaiah Phillip

Assistant (Deacon):- Rev. Joseph Edmeade
Telephone: 1-869-465-2774

Mobile: 1-869-663-3661
Fax: 1-869-466-2774


Vestry Members

Priest's Warden:- Mr. Cuthbert Woods

People's Warden: Mrs. Bernadette Tuckett

Secretary to the Vestry: Ms. Eleanor Joseph

Asst. Secretary:- Ms. Antoinette Bass

Treasurer:- Ms. Marsha Harris

Assistant Treasurer:- Ms. Julita Lawrence

Lay Rep to Synod:- Ms Kishma Mac Lean  Alternate Ms. Eleanor Joseph

Youth Rep to Synod:- Ms. Antoinette Bass

Caril Archibald, Dillon Edmeade

Parish's Music Director:- Lady Hulda Lawrence

Youth/Gospel Choir Organist:- Mr. Frank Claxton

Verger:- Mr. Delbert Samuel

Specialized Ministries:- Rev. MS. Delores Gumbs

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