Thursday 18th April, 2019

Sunday 09th April:    8.00amPalm Sunday joint service with procession commencing outside St. Anne's Parish Hall in Sandy Point .

Wednesday 12th April:  5.00pm Confirmation Candidates Retreat at Parish Hall. Candidates, Parents and Sponsors should take special note.

Sunday 16th April: Easter breakfast after Mass at a cost of $10.00

 175th Anniversary  Celebration in the Diocese: Our Diocesan 175th Anniversary Celebrations, under the theme “Celebrating our heritage - redeeming the times – embracing the future” We here in St. Kitts will celebrate this Milestone in the month of May. Among activities planned is a Vestry Seminar on May 06th 2017 and a lecture by Dr. Kortright Davis. Thanksgiving envelopes are been distributed and are available from Mrs. Lynette Warner Priest Warden. Each Anglican is asked to donate EC$175.00 towards the mission and ministry of the Church.

 Church Etiquette

To all who enter here are reminded that this is the House of God, so be thoughtful and reverent. Before the service speak to God, during the service let God speak to you, after the service speak to others. If one arrives when the procession is on the way to the altar, please wait until this is complete before entering. If a prayer is in progress please stand until it is finished. As our Lord is sacramentally present in the sanctuary of the church proper decorum and reverence must be maintained at all times. As with any sacred space please turn off all electronic devices and honour the Spirit of reverence that prevails as the people of God worship together.

New Email Address

The new e-mail address for St. Anne’ Church is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please be guided accordingly

Prayer Requests

“We’re all in “God’s Service” as believers. Serving Him in sheerti delight Psalm 37:4” The Mothers’ Union would be pleased to receive Prayer Requests from members of the congregation. With this in mind a Prayer Request Box has been placed at the back of the Church to receive prayer request from members of the congregation.. All are invited to join us at our Family Life Prayers and Intercessions.

Contact Information

Parish Priest: Rev. Yvette Bagnall
Telephone: 1-869-465-2160

Vestry Members

Priest's Warden: Mrs. Lynette Warner.
People's Warden: Mr. Shefton Kelly.
Secretary : Miss. Sharon Herbert.
Treasurer: Mrs. Icilma Fyfield 
Asst. Treasurer/Lay Rep to Synod: Miss. Sharon Sillidy.
Asst. Secretary: Mrs. Angel Warner-Hendricks. 
Youth Rep to Synod: Miss Tajuana Douglas.
Member: Mr. Cornel Kelly.
Member: Mrs. Claudia Williams.

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