Wednesday 20th March, 2019

Who We Are

A world-wide ministry of men in the Anglican/Episcopal Communion

What We Believe

  • The saving grace of Jesus Christ through the cross
  • The authority of Holy Scripture
  • The power of the Holy Spirit and
  • The fellowship of all believers

What We Are About

Personal spiritual growth, mutual ministry, and Christian service.

How it Started

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is an organized group of men and youths, who banded themselves together for the prime purpose of spreading Christ's kingdom here on earth among men and youths.

This organization is very widespread, and can be found in a number of Anglican and Episcopal churches throughout the world.

The Brotherhoold of St. Andrew stared in 1883 on St. Andrew's day, when twelve young men in the St. James church Chicago, with the apporval of the Rector and under the leadership of one Mr. James Houghteling agreed to follow the example set by St. Andrew in bringing his brother Peter to a personal acquaintance with the Messiah, as recorded by St. John 1: 40-42.


From its inception the works of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew has been in, with, and for the church. It does not exist to propagate itself as an organization, but rather to awaken the laity of the whole church and motivate them to greater personal effort for Christ and his kingdom. The Brotherhood recognizes that a structure is only as strong as the foundation on which it is built, so it's programmes and works are founded on personal prayer, study and service. These disciplines make explicit the importance of individuals in the work of extending the kingdom, while the chapter unit is the normal basis of operation in the parish.

To put it in a nutshell, the purpose of the Brotherhood is primarily to bring others to Christ.

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